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Mashhur Anam is offering a free week, November 7th to the 14th (it is my understanding that this page will be available long after the time period of the class…so please give it a try even if it’s after November 14th), to explore Magic and Miracles with him.  Click on the link below to learn more about the program.  If you’d like to learn more about Mashhur Anam run a search on my blog page and read the information I posted earlier about this amazing healer.  This is going to be a fun and exciting week one that I am very much looking forward to.   I hope you’ll join us!!

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Prayers to Bring Peace and Oneness to the Planet Earth

Some time ago, Marianne Williamson posted a request asking that all who were willing pray each day at 2 p.m. to bring oneness to the planet.  I for one have been praying each day since then at 2 p.m.   Today I call upon any and all who see this to join me and all others who took up the request to pray each day at 2 p.m. to increase the energy exponentially  of the prayers being prayed so that we may bring oneness and peace to this planet as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

You can do as I have done and say a quick prayer like “Dear God, I thank you for all you, the angels, as well as, any and all others are doing to bring peace and oneness to this planet in order to benefit all.  I thank you Lord for bringing the truth of oneness with you, all of humanity, the planet, the universe and beyond to the Earth so we may live in peace with one another from this day forward.  I love you Lord and I thank you for this and so much more. Amen.”  Please feel free to make any substitutions in any of the prayers where “God’s” name is not the name of your God.  I tried to find examples of prayers for you to follow beyond that I’ll leave it to your own needs to guide you in using the prayer.  If you’d like you can also find prayers at any of the following links:  Building Bridges of Oneness  Earth Star Prayer  Unity Prayers  The Heart of Spirituality Oneness Prayers  Prayer to God for All Humanity  A Prayer for Mankind.  Please note this one has music playing.  Prayer for All Humanity.

There were many, many links that came up in the searches I ran.  Please feel free to do your own search in your favorite browser for prayers for oneness or peace to find prayers you identify with.

I do hope that you will join me each day at 2 p.m. (at 2 p.m. in your time zone) to pray to to bring oneness and peace to the Earth.   Have a great day!!!












7 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration by Panache Desai

I decided to add Panache’s vlog because I believe what he has to say here is very important.  None of the seven things he advocates are difficult nor are they time consuming.  Instead they are simple, easy ways of bringing up your vibration and/or maintaining a high level of vibration throughout your day.  If you start to feel upset or your day is not going smoothly then you can use any one of these seven means of raising your vibration level to bring yourself back to a higher vibration level.  Why is that important?   The higher your vibration level is, is directly proportional with how you feel and how connected you are to God/Source/Universe or whatever name you choose to use for All That Is.  Panache explains it this way:

Everything is energy. You are a vibrational being, intimately connected to the world around you. It’s not circumstance that depicts your direction in life, but energy. Some actions amplify your energy and others keep you feeling stuck and stagnant. Be empowered to take action in a way that expands you into alignment with your authentic Self.

Shifting your vibrational state so that you feel expanded and aligned with your true nature isn’t hard. I’m going to share seven powerful practices you can use in your daily life to raise your energy and frequency.

I want you to be empowered to change your energy anywhere, anytime. You’re in the driver’s seat. With these tools, you can leave victimhood behind and take responsibility for your energetic state.

In this video, discover how you can:

  • Shift out of fear and into love…
  • Move into connection and toward the energy of oneness…
  • Simple, actionable strategies for energetic expansion…

Incorporate these vibration elevation techniques into your day and you’ll feel the results in all areas of your life.

How to Have Hope When You Feel Let Down by the World

I read this article today and I instantly felt better about the state of the world. Even though we seem to be surrounded by darkness in various forms there is absolutely no doubt that light always overcomes darkness. We choose how we react to things and it is my choice to stand with those who are vulnerable, to help those in need and to be the light that shines in the darkness. What will you choose?


I get it. It can be easy to feel let down by the world right now. There are messages of hate and acts of violence are on the rise.

Yet at the same time, there have been more acts of courage, and love, and the willingness to say – no, this is NOT my world. This is not okay. I will do and be whatever it takes to change this.

We don’t necessarily have a choice about the things that occur in the world. We do have a choice in how we respond.

After the attacks in Stockholm yesterday, the city woke up still with resiliency, openness and trust; not letting the terror stop the people that know something else is possible. People were opening their homes yesterday to others who were stranded downtown after the event. Strangers were offering rides to people who were stuck in different parts of the city…

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Jin Shin Jyutsu Help for Various Issues

I am going to post an article I discovered on Jin Shin Jyutsu while trying to find something to help me with my suddenly high blood pressure.  I’ve always had very low blood pressure.  That is until January of 2016.  Due to problems I’ve experienced with my feet and legs being numb being able to exercise regularly has proven a challenge and I don’t eat the large amounts of the foods that raise either your cholesterol or blood pressure.  By August my blood pressure was becoming dangerous and I was put on a medication I’d used previously to lower my heart rate.  However, this medication alone was not enough and this is where the problem came in.  Each medication we tried would cause me to suffer from insomnia which is a problem I seldom have.  So I would ask to try something else and again after some time the medication would cause insomnia.  So out of desperation I started doing research into finding something to help with both insomnia and my blood pressure.  Jin Shin Jyutsu tends to work well for me so it is often one of the things I will begin with.  Sure enough I found processes that have worked wonders for both issues.  It is that article it lists a number of issues that may be dealt with at least in part by using the Jin Shin Jyutsu holds or flows listed.  Again I caution you not to stop any medication without discussing it with your doctor because while I have received great benefit from using Jin Shin Jyutsu I am also still taking the first drug I was put on to reduce my blood pressure.  Always be very cautious when it comes to your health.  Your health is nothing to play with.

Below is the article I am re-posting:

Sharing Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Help

Starting Winter 2011 we began a new tradition of sending out Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help emails on a quarterly basis.  The idea is to encourage the daily use of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help by providing it in a format that is easy to use and to share with your family, friends, and clients.

The following is the article I found posted at

We hope you enjoy our self-help emails and share them generously with friends and family. Below are links for up to 10 most recent editions.  All versions of the Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Help sheets are in PDF format. You will be able to read them using Adobe Reader.  (They are also downloadable to your computer or to be printed.  Jin Shin Jyutsu uses the word project meaning that it is the daily application of the simple sequences that will accomplish the results you seek.  You apply your hands to those points (also called jumper cabling) for a few minutes at a time on each step, or until you can feel an even, rhythmic pulse.  This can be done at any time of the day.)

Well I hope that you find this information as useful as I have.  Remember to check out Alice Burmeister and Tom Monte’s book The Touch of Healing which is a wonderful resource.  Italicized words and those added in the parenthesis are mine.

As you may have noticed my additions to this blog is rather sporadic.  I will do a blog post whenever I find information which I feel needs to be shared.  Please remember that if Jin Shin Jyutsu does not work well for you check out the archive here and keep trying because you will find something that does work for you.  Until we meet again I hope you find all the pain relief you require and that your life is of great benefit to you and those you love.

***I am not a medical doctor.  The advice given here is to be used in conjunction with the treatment you are receiving from your doctor.  Do not ever stop taking medication without discussing it with your doctor.***

Let Every Day Be Thanksgiving! 5 Reasons to Cultivate Gratitude as a Life Practice

I thought this was a beautiful article and since gratitude is something I practice each and every day I can attest to it’s truth. I hope this article will fill you with gratitude and encourage you to write down 5 to 10 things each day you are grateful for. Don’t just rewrite the same 5 or 10 things though because in truth we have countless things to be grateful for but unfortunately that’s not where most people focus their attention.

Sage's Wisdom Pages

see the beauty in everyday thingsMake me sweet again

fragrant and fresh and wild

and thankful for any small event.

– Rumi

This month many of us come together with loved ones and devote our awareness for a few hours to thankfulness. Perhaps your family, like mine, joins hands and takes turns sharing what each one is grateful for, today and over the past year. And whether you have a formal or informal practice of expressing gratitude at your Thanksgiving table, I’m sure you feel the energy of gratitude throughout your celebration.

But why do we reserve a mere one day a year for this?

I propose we make every day a day of giving thanks.

Let’s make GRATITUDE a way of LIFE!

Oh, we don’t have to stuff ourselves with stuffing and gobble down turkey or vegetarian delectables… Somehow I think the original intention of the holiday, gratitude for the Earth’s bounty, for peaceful…

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Election 2016

The election of the United States President was an incredibly difficult loss for myself and many of the people I know.  Whether you are from the United States or not, you will likely be effected by the election results.  It took me days to come to terms with the results of this election.   Not because my party has won every election before but because in this instance we have elected a man whose policies, his rhetoric and his behavior is abhorrent to many of us.  I’m very distressed at the election of this man and what it means not only to myself but my fellow Americans.  I am even more distressed by the fact that the people I was raised with and who I thought were decent, kind, loving people when it comes right down to it voted for a man who represents nothing but hatred, bigotry, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, religious intolerance, etc.  He is the closest thing to Hitler that has ever run for President and yet many, many Americans voted for him.  These are not the people that I thought I knew because if they were they could never have voted for this man.  It is that which has shaken me to my core.

So today I hope to offer anyone who would like it some comfort during this time.  I received an email from James Twyman, the Peace Troubadour, which brought me back to my spirituality once again.  I must admit I didn’t like this advice but it did work for me so I’d like to offer it to you.

Here is the text of that email:

What does a Course in Miracles have to say about the US election?

Listen to this recording I just made. I think it will answer the question above. The truth is very simple – embrace FULLY what is before you! NO MATTER WHAT! Do not judge or expect it to be different than it is. Spread your wings and wrap them around the person who just a moment ago you judged as undeserving of love. In other words, spread your wings and wrap them around Donald Trump. I really mean it. Close your eyes and imagine you’re hugging him right now. If you want to escape the illusion of separation, this is how you do it.

You may be thinking that I’ve lost my mind, and you’d be right. I lost my mind a very long time ago, and I’m so happy about it. But what I found was my heart, and that is what I’m asking you to rediscover. So listen to this recording and hear what Jesus says in A Course In Miracles. You might be surprised.

US Election and A Course in Miracles

After I followed the above advice I felt so much better.  I immediately asked God to bless Donald Trump, all Republicans and all those who voted for him which made me feel better. Then I asked God to bless Hillary Clinton, all Democrats and all those who voted for her which made me feel even better.  The truth of the matter is that when we hold onto anger, even righteous anger we hurt ourselves the most.  What we wish for others we receive.  That’s something I’ve had to learn over and over again throughout my life.  Sometimes the Universal Laws aren’t a lot of fun or what we want to hear but when followed they allow us a great deal of healing  so that we can move forward which is what is most important.

Here are some other resources that may be of use to you as well:  Master Healer Karen Abrams Theta Healing Election PTSD 2016  Master Healer Karen Abrams doing a theta meditation for Projecting Hope  Suzanna Kennedy Post Election Detox download

Trump election, A Course in Miracles, and an Oppurtunity for Healing

Election Night 2016 with Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson: Election Results 2016

Dain Heer The Election is over—now what?

Post Election Healing! EFT

EFT for Election Shock and Stress  Mashhur Anam The Heal Yourself, Heal the WORLD  3 part series  Jo Dunning 5 Energy Processes (if you want a description of this you can look at blog post I wrote about Jo here:

Don’t forget you can use any of the finger holds from Jin Shin Jyutsu in order to help you with worry, fear, sadness/grief, anger and trying to/pretense.  See the link below for the “quickie” flow and the extended flows for each of these attitudes:

Feel free to check into any other healing audios I’ve posted previously or any others you find on Youtube when you type in healing or energy healing because there are a ton of them and they certainly can help you move forward.  I truly do hope that this helps you as much as it has helped me.

**I am not a medical doctor and I am not giving out medical advice.  Consult your physician if you need medical attention.**





Jin Shin Jyutsu for Cancer Patients

I was doing a search recently trying to find a way to help a friend when I ran across a PDF which shows different Jin Shin Jyutsu (Gin Shin Jitsue) flows that can be utilized by cancer patients to help with their treatment.   I know that this may sound incredible but I will tell you from my own experience that by using Jin Shin Jyutsu each morning I have been able to get my own digestion to work again.  It may not be perfect but it is certainly better than bouncing from one irritable bowl syndrome symptom to another.  For the first time in many years my digestion is working better and I am truly grateful.

I did some further research and found that the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky is using Jin Shin Jyutsu to help their patients with the side effects they experience while undergoing cancer treatment.  The great thing about Jin Shin Jyutsu is that it can be done by a practitioner, a friend, a family member or you.  Through my own experience with energy medicine I can state unequivocally that the only time that energy medicine has made the situation worse is when I placed the wrong side of a magnet on a painful area.  However, the remedy was quick and easy, I flipped the magnet over to the correct side and the worsening pain subsided, as did the pain I was using the magnet to lessen in the first place.  (DO NOT  Use Magnets for treatment while you have cancer.  The south side of a magnet can make a tumor larger).  Energy medicine in my experience has no ill side effects either.  But it’s up to you.  Try it or don’t but in the end what do you have to lose.

Here is the link to the PDF I found:

Remember this does not treat the cancer itself.  It lessens the side effects that you may have as a result of your cancer treatment.   Topics included in this PDF include a flow to help with effects of your attitudes including w0rry, fear, anger, sadness, grief, pretense and trying to hard; Radiation Therapy; Chemotherapy; increasing the effects of your immune system; relieving possible side effects including fatigue, depression, lymphodema, breathlessness, nausea, toxic headaches, itching, mucositis, heatburn, constipation, diarrhea and pain.  Do not stop taking the treatment prescribed by your doctor.  Instead use this to help you to lessen any ill effects that you may be experiencing from your treatment.

Also please note that where it says that a family member or friend should do the treatment you can also administer it yourself if no one else is available.  I do all of the Jin Shin Jyutsu I practice daily on myself.  I just follow the instructions and alter where needed.

I truly hope that you find this information helpful.  That has been my entire reason for doing this blog.  The hope that you can find free or low cost help that is actually effective to help lessen the pain or other symptoms you are having.  I wish I’d had a resource like this when I first became ill many years ago.

Remember you can also look up a specific symptom such as “pain” and “Jin Shin Jyutsu” and do a search on Google or your favorite browser to find out what to do to lessen that symptom.  Further, Alice Burmeister and Tom Monte have written a wonderful book called The Touch of Healing which is an instructional manual for Jin Shin Jyutsu.  If you do find that Jin Shin Jyutsu isn’t effective for you please don’t give up.  Try something else.  I have given many, many energy medicine resources that you can try.  For me, all of these modalities work that’s why I have placed them on this blog.  You need to find what works for you.

Well that’s all for now.  I hope the people who need this find it and I truly hope that you receive all the help you need.

***I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.  Please do not stop any treatment that your doctor has prescribed without discussing it with them first.***

Mashur Anam

I am posting this because with the situation in the United States right now, as well as, the refugee problem around the world I truly hope that it will help.  Mashur is an amazing energetic healer who has done a three part series titled Heal Yourself, Heal the World.  I hope that you listen to help not only yourself but also the world.

Here is the link to this three part series:

I hope you found this to be helpful to you and ultimately will help the world as well.



Blogging will have to wait

Unfortunately, I am back to struggling with the pain that I am experiencing in my feet and legs.  As you know I have a number of alternative pain relievers that I use on a regular basis to help me with the pain that I experience.   However, this pain does not follow the patterns I am used to and if I find a pain reliever that works for me the resulting pain relief is very short lived.  I continue to work with my doctor and I continue to work with energy medicine to support what my doctor suggests that I do.  I truly hope that we hit on the formula necessary to move me beyond this very soon.  If there is one thing I am sure of , it is that we will.  This has taken much more time than usual but that does not mean that the answer isn’t out there it just means that we need to keep trying.

I hope that you will continue to try different ways of relieving pain and ways of improving your life through the use of energy.  Don’t give up.  Keep on, keeping on.  What I have found through a great deal of experience is that you have to keep trying because what you are looking for may be the very next thing you have on your to do list.  So please don’t give up.  Keep looking and keep trying until you find what you are looking for.

I will be back writing this blog as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I hope that you have as little pain as possible and that your life is ever better.

**I am not a doctor and I will not be giving any type of medical advice. I also do not advocate stopping any medical treatment without talking it over with your doctor.**